The seven-tournament series, which will be staged at a string of testing venues, kicks off at Dunham Forest on May 17 and concludes on September 17 at Little Aston.

In between times, it will visit Salisbury & South Wilts on May 29, Chestfield on June 8, South Herts July 4, Kedleston Park on July 20 and Forest Pines on July 31.

'It's a good looking line up of courses,' said Grimshaw, the defending champion. 'And there some new ones I haven't played, so I'm really looking forward to the season getting underway.'

And the 24-year-old, who is based at Wessex Golf Centre in Dorset, is leaving nothing to chance in her preparations - a far cry from a year ago when a freak gym accident ruled her out of action for five months.

'I fell off a fitness ball and pulled ligaments in my hand which put me out from January to May,' she explained.

'But I've had a good winter this time around, practising hard and working on my long game.'

That?s the result of Grimshaw being horrifield by a video of her swing she saw at the end of last season.

'It was shocking,' she admitted. 'I don't how I got the ball around the course so with my coach I have worked at making that a bit tighter.

'I am looking forward to trying to defend my title but it will be difficult because there are a lot of good players out there.'

Grimshaw is coached by PGA Cup player Jon Bevan and she revealed the pair, together with three other players from the Wessex Golf Centre are regularly running to boost their fitness.

'I played with Tracy Loveys from Bigbury last year and she hits it miles,' she added. 'Hopefully, the work on my swing plus the fitness will help me hit the ball a bit further.'

Simon Higginbottom, PGA head of tournaments, added: 'The WPGA One Day Series again has a strong line up of venues and with the likes of Fern Grimshaw and Tracy Loveys we expect another tightly contested series.'

Full list of dates:

2012 WPGA One Day Series

Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club on Thursday May 17 Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club on Tuesday May 29 Chestfield Golf Club on Friday June 8 South Herts Golf Club on Wednesday July 4 Kedleston Park Golf Club on Friday July 20 Forest Pines Hotel & Golf Resort on Tuesday July 31 Little Aston on Monday September 17

Image of Fern Grimshaw is (C) and courtesy of Tom Dulat Getty Images