Between April 9th and April 15th 34 Warwickshire Golf Clubs and ranges took part in the second annual Midlands Golf Week . Events were held all over the County offering free coaching and Open Days to encourage new people to come and try the game and to meet members and get a feel for all that golf clubs have to offer.

  • Springtime successes

    Warwickshire girls have started the season well.Hannah Coles, Abbey Gittings and Charlotte Dalton have played 2 rounds of the Faldo Challenge and are lying equal second. The first round was played at Royal West Norfolk in tough conditions and Hannah just lost out on first place. The second round at the Forest of Arden saw Abbey and Charlotte fighting for second place, Abbey just edging out Charlotte by one shot with an excellent 77.

  • Spoony stirs up urban scene with Golf Roots

    DJ Spoony, Radio One personality and ambassador for The Daily Telegraph Marriott Golf Roots programme, will be making a guest appearance at a London schools' Tri-Golf festival in November. The festival will take place at the Metro Playgolf centre in Barnet, one of the biggest urban golf venues in the country, where DJ Spoony has been a member for several years.

  • Warwickshire teenager takes a bite out of golf history books

    SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12th, CITY AIRPORT, LONDON – A fourteen year-old golfer planned to set a new Under-15 UK record for the longest drive and ended up not only smashing the women’s European record, but setting a new world record as well. The event was officially measured and adjudicated by Long Drivers of Europe (LDE).

  • The 2005 Warwickshire Junior Delegates Meeting

    Copt Heath GC – Thursday 3rd February – Brian Fish, retiring Chairman of Junior Golf for the Warwickshire Union, chaired the 2005 Junior Delegates meeting after another highly successful season for the County’s best players and one which has seen several significant initiatives set in place to ensure that the development of players continues in the future. There were a number of guest speakers and this editorial is an overview of some of the presentations throughout what was a very successful evening.

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

    The review copy arrives at the offices. There is no fuss about the envelope. No glossy brochure, just a disc and a simple invitation to try the new Tiger Woods from EA Games. Its ready to play in about 30 seconds … and the disc doesn’t come out of the games player for about 9 hours. This game is AWESOMME!

  • A new Game on the Circuit.

    The ‘Pro Tour’ and the ‘Fun circuit’ of golf games has a new arrival and it’s a very good one. Few games cross over between both the serious player and when a game can be enjoyed by anyone but International Golf Pro, from Oxygen Games, is top notch and to prove it, we entered into the ‘Big Three’, three rounder. Forget Nicklaus, Palmer and Player and their modern equivalent of Woods, Els and Mickleson … bring on our three special players.


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