Chinese teenage sensation Guan Tianlang amazed everyone by becoming the youngest person ever to play and make the cut at the US Masters this month at the age of just 14.

  • Golf Fundamentals – Denise St Pierre

    Human Kinetics publishes hundreds of books all about sport, exercise, physiology, diet – all aspects of health and fitness. This is a US company which has an aim to be the best of its kind, a book publisher and book seller which is the first choice for a reader in a very large but niche market. They have a number of new titles for 2004 and in their ‘Sports Fundamentals Series’, they have introduced ‘Golf Fundamentals’.

  • Need to know Golf - BOOK REVIEW

    There is a new series from Collins - 'need to know' - and the latest addition to this selection is all about Golf. It wasn't so long ago that the Observer series, which ran to hundreds of titles, was one of the most popular (and good reference) books of its kind on so many subjects and 'Need to know Golf' has something of the feel of the Observer series. Collins have taken 'authoritative' as a byword not for the history and courses of golf - this is all about how to play the game.

  • Our new web site

    Welcome to the highly advanced technology of our new web site - we hope you enjoy the speed and simple navigation systems to which we will be adding the 1000s of pages from the old site over the next month - please bear with us. We will now be updating somtimes daily and be starting back up with lots of Features this week and next - so look out for all the news about County Golf and much much more


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